Producing sustainable high-quality coffee

What makes High-Quality Coffee to stand out from Industrial Coffee?

Quality in coffee depends on how good the processes and controls are in all the steps the coffee takes, from the seed to your cup.

Industrial Coffee goes through very a long chain composed by several players: Farmers, cooperatives, local buyers, exporters, traders, importers, roaster, distributors, and commercial stores.

The industrial coffee chain players' main goals are:

  1. making a margin while buying and selling coffee to the next player.
  2. move as much coffee as possible.
  3. sadly producing the minimum required quality for the next player to buy.

We don’t share the principles of “minimum quality” neither “trade as much coffee as possible”. Therefore, we have decided not to go through the industrial coffee chain and not to make compromises regarding quality, from the seed to the cup.

AMATES unique involvement
AMATE's unique involvement in every step

We offer you a coffee that is:

  • Not mixed with other coffees
  • Zero Trade (from our ranch to you, no traders in between)
  • Limited Edition (only the best from our own plantation)
  • Organically cultivated
  • Hand picked (only the red ripe coffee cherries)
  • Sorted by hand (only the best green coffee beans)
  • 100% Arabica

ripe red coffee cherries

You can be certain that we have paid great attention to all the steps so you can enjoy a High-Quality Coffee, that has been produced in a SUSTAINABLE way.

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